Portland, part deux

Back to Portland from Seattle (I know: weird. Worked, though.)

Digression, before I forget: Portlandia! Have you seen it? Totally true, in its way.

What the What, you say?
I say, watch ‘Ordering the Chicken’, and then you will Understand.


At any rate. Back to le tour…
Got to play at a super cool music store called Music Millennium. The performers play up on the balcony and the audience kind of loiters downstairs and gazes upwards. (Friends who came out for the show, thank you!)

The place is hard to capture, but I tried.

Music Millennium was Monday (say that fast five times) so I didn’t get much more time to love on Portland before heading south. But it stayed sunny and charming, the whole time.

I think it likes me. Chickens and all.

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