Things that make you go ‘Huh’

As I try to settle down to work each morning, flipping through news, social media, and whatever magazine is on the coffee table, odd thoughts flit through my mind.

Here is today’s list.

• Why is the speaker of the house required to sit where we can see him (or her) grimace for an hour during the SOTU address? Seems cruel.



• This seems to need clarification: it’s ET cetera. Not “Eck” cetera.
Et with a ‘T‘, as in E.T. Phone Home, plus ‘Cetera’ like Peter Cetera (sort of).
You’re welcome.






• Fashionistas: jumpsuits are back? Really? The garment preferred by prisons?
On what not-Kate-Moss human do they look good?  Just… no.



• Pomegranates are not (quite) as big a hassle to de-seed as you might think. Thanks to this video:


• Models and actors, why must you continually be sharing your fitness secrets? I believe the ‘secret’ is: you won the genetic lottery. Maybe just say thank you, and sit down.


“I’m genetically gifted with long limbs, even skin, and proportional facial features!” “No way! Me, too!”


• Why DO birds suddenly appear every time you are near? Is that a good sign, or a bad one? Are they friendly birds? Or more Hitchcockian?

Friendly:                                                                                                          Not so friendly:







Yes. All that, before the second cup of coffee.

Thank you. I’m here all week.

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