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Superhero Rock Paper Scissors

I think this is how it would go. I do, truly. – Wonder Woman lassos Catwoman – Catwoman pees in Tina Fey’s shoes – Tina Fey gets Wonder Woman a sandwich, a copy of the Feminine Mystique, and a Kevlar … Continue reading

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Late Night Poetry: Sonnet 98 (the Bard)

Ladies and Gentlemen, It’s the time you’ve all been waiting for — that’s right, it’s Late Night Poetry time, a monthly feature here at the Skinny (where our motto is: No, I Do Not Want To Hear That Song That … Continue reading

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News is bad for you

I saw this article after a morning of obsessive refreshing about the Boston marathon suspect manhunt. From 8:30 to 9:30am – one whole hour! – that’s what I did. I ceased to think, ignored my day’s plan, did not even … Continue reading

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More about Leigh Rubin, and Rubes Cartoons.

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April Newsletter

Hello, lurker friends! Welcome! (I’m a frequent lurker myself. Joining is not everybody’s cup of tea.) If you’d like to hear more about where I’ll be playing, you can sign up for my mailing list via the form on the … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Caleb Hawley, Goals v. Dreams

My friend Caleb is an indie rock star. He packs venues in many cities (including here in NYC), tours relentlessly, and has national name recognition from singing his way onto American Idol a couplea seasons ago – without even showing … Continue reading

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Snap ‘n’ Sing with my Crazy Aunt Edna

Stretch break time! Get up outta that chair! Snap, clap, sing along! It’ll make ya feeeeeel goood…

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