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Thought du jour

If you can’t believe it’s not butter You haven’t had butter in quite some time.        

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Late Night Poetry: The Road Not Taken

Why are some nights sleepless and others full of dancing sugarplums? I can’t say. If I could, I’d be rich. RICH I tell you, RICH! So maybe I can’t help you sleep, but I can soothe your wakeful soul with … Continue reading

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The Swannanoa Gathering

I keep meaning to post about the amazing experience I had at the Swannanoa Gathering over the summer. But I keep not doing it. What the what, self? Well (Elaine), I think it’s because the whole intense, glorious week was … Continue reading

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September Newsletter

Summer was grand! So grand that I just didn’t put out an August newsletter. How do you like them apples? (Mmm. Apples. Fugis, especially, or Galas. You know what’s good? Apples and peanut butter! Yes! With just a touch of … Continue reading

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Happy New Year!

September always feels like the beginning of the year rather than the lead-up to the end, doesn’t it? Kids are starting new grades at school, that crisp air wakens us from our summer lethargy, and we are all recommitting to … Continue reading

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