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November Newsletter

Halloween! Pumpkin-flavored pumpkins! Dia de los muertos! 25 shopping days until your head explodes and you realize no one needs all that crap anyway! It must be November. For Elaine-related news you can use:  read the November newsletter

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The Wisdom of the Practice Chicken

Vegans/vegetarians, this post is not for you (except maybe the end). Think about happy free-roaming Fred here, and skip down, or read something else. (Are they gone?    Is it safe?    Wait one more minute?    Okay.) ….  la la la … Continue reading

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Some days are the donut and some days are the empty space inside the donut.

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Late Night Poetry: Home

It’s time once again for Late Night Poetry here at The Skinny (our motto: you’ll sleep after you eat all that turkey later this month). Something about this called to me. The reluctance, I think. The surprise when emotion comes … Continue reading

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They do, don’t they?

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Halloween costumes that might have been

I missed Halloween this year, but I can tell you what I would NOT have been: sexy pizza. I mean: come on. Who thinks of these things? Does anyone find pizza sexy? Pizza is delicious and beloved by all right-thinking … Continue reading

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