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Music Conference Madness

So, I’ve been to two music conferences (and a conference-ette!) this year so far, and what I have to say about them is, they are all-consuming. You step inside a hotel, and that is the end of the outside world … Continue reading

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Driving driving driving (aaaaaaaaand, we’re still driving)

I’m in the home stretch of what feels like a four year tour right about now, but is actually only a couple weeks. I’ve driven a gazilliondy miles through lots of beautiful territory (and of course also many long boring … Continue reading

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a Purple Fiddle and some Black Water

Who woulda thunk I’d find my way to the mountains of West Virginia twice in one year? But I did. I had a mini-residency at The Purple Fiddle. Remember this place?   The area is beautiful, especially if you are … Continue reading

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Save the ‘it’!

I recently read an article by Fred Plotkin about how the singers and the singing in opera are being devalued in favor of marketing considerations. It’s an insightful read, and it holds just as true for indie and pop music … Continue reading

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