Seattle, Part all

Totally unfair, pacific northwest. You have been rocking some serious sunshine, as if it’s always like this. You sunny, blue-skied liar.

Listen: I’ve asked around. I know you’re true colors are grey and green. And yet, this…

Seattle from the ferry

downtown Seattle from the ferry

Got to play a cool show in Renton and then roam the city
on a stunning weekend in February.

Friends from the Renton show.
(Attractive bunch, no?)

Sunday was Eat and Wander Day, with a couplea friends who also love food.
This, for instance, was breakfast:

Not your father’s mushroom omelette

And this was dinner…
(Warning: vegetarians, cover your eyes.)
(Pork-a-tarians, fly to Seattle and order the pork belly at Serafina.)

Crispy melty warm pig part happiness

And check out this sweet nighttime treat…
Also got to meet an adorable baby with awesome hair, and her sweet parents (and faux sibling, the dog), and cavort briefly at a cool wine store. All in all: wonderful weekend!

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