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Things that make you go ‘Huh’

As I try to settle down to work each morning, flipping through news, social media, and whatever magazine is on the coffee table, odd thoughts flit through my mind. Here is today’s list. • Why is the speaker of the … Continue reading

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Note: Not the author’s actual knee. (Add jeans and surprised look and it’s dern close, though.) So, yesterday, on my way out the door to a guitar lesson, as I was squatting to snag my fallen hat from the floor, … Continue reading

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When I’m not thinking about my career, I am often thinking about food. A recent exchange… ME: You know what might be the ‘new black’? Concerned Friend:  Orange is the new black. Everyone knows that. ME:  No: strawberry frosting! YUMMMM! … Continue reading

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Bonne Neujahr!

 Another new year! Hurrah! I wish you effervescent friendships, confidence in your strengths, joy in your body, and robust health for you and your loved ones. Merry happy 2015!

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