SF Bay Area!

Final stop on the west coast tour: the San Francisco Bay Area. Home! (one of them.)

Peri’s was the first show of the tour (thanks, Spirit Vibrations booking!). Cool dive-y bar in a decidedly not dive-y town in the North Bay. I played with the band Blisses B:

my new zombie band

One of the great joys of playing in the Bay Area every year is seeing friends – La Fabulosa and the Biscuit, my darling Coyote and her sis, and many other friends with equally adorable nicknames. I got no decent photos at the SF show, so thanks to Ryan for this:

me and the love dumplings


Friday night I had the pleasure of playing a house concert in the East Bay (thanks to Anne and Harriet). The audience was a roomful of excellent musicians of all kinds — no pressure at all, no siree — so it helped that I got to play a beautiful grand piano.

le piano!


The tour ended Saturday with a house concert at the home of the amazing Heidi, packed to the gills with all her wonderful peoples. The evening had started with a sprint to the music store to replace my broken sustain peddle (Heidi is a superb getaway driver as well as a top shelf hostess). I thought it might jinx the night, but au contraire! The event was warm and wonderful, the wine flowed, the new peddle worked beautifully through a two-set show  AND four encores.

The night ended the next morning, shortly after dawn, when the stalwart remaining realized we’d talked through the night. A highlight of the year. And it’s only February!

Part of my heart is indeed in San Francisco. ‘Til the next time, everyone.





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