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May-June Newsletter

Where did that Elaine person go? Why is she not blogging for my entertainment? What else (besides playing a show) could she possibly be doing?  Is it: a) plucking chickens b) designing superhero capes c) devising a plan for world … Continue reading

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Music and the Summer Solstice

Last year I spent the summer solstice tromping around town with a keyboard in tow. NYC does this thing called Make Music NY; musicians apply to play free shows outside, all over the city. I think I played 4 shows … Continue reading

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Late Night Poetry: Leonard Cohen

It’s time once again for Late Night Poetry here at The Skinny (our motto: Sleep Whenever You Want; It’s Summer, No One Will Notice). Did you know Leonard Cohen is a published poet as well as songwriter/performer? I found this … Continue reading

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Firestorm of controversy! A Miss America contestant was judged to be ‘curvy’ by the tweet-o-sphere. He body was also called ‘normal’. (In this case, it was deemed a good thing. Sometimes, not so much. Ah, fickle tweetsters.) The ‘curvy/normal’ woman … Continue reading

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Excellent Question

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