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A Tale told by toes

Decorate me, please! This long harsh winter is bringing me down. That’s better! And enough with the boots, and the slush, and the layers of socks. Can you take us someplace we can roam free? Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Mmmmmmm. Thanks. That’s better.

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February Newsletter

Bonjour, mes petites lapins! It’s February. Dead of winter. Snow, snow, slush, and more snow. (Unless you are in California. Then it’s drought, drought, and more drought.) Ugh! But fear not! there are still reasons to poke your head out … Continue reading

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Late Night Poetry: Love is Not All

What? No, I did not eat too much chocolate. It can’t be that. And you didn’t eat any, so what’s your excuse? Well, since we’re up: let’s read some Late Night Poetry here at The Skinny (our motto: 3am is … Continue reading

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New look!

This blog looks…. just a little different, doesn’t it? Didn’t the banner used to be green, or something? I feel like maybe the background has changed. I don’t remember that cool orange thing, for one… That’s right! Good eye! It … Continue reading

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You may be like, Wait: where’s January? I see a December newsletter, and then the next post is from February. Did nothing happen in Elainelandia for a whole month? Oh, no, my friends. Au contraire! So much happened that I … Continue reading

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