New directions


Beautiful blog readers, hello!

Betcha thought I dropped off the edge of the earth!

(Good news on that front, actually, if you’ve been in a coma since Galileo: the earth is round. So we’re safe! Well. Not from danger in general, but from that particular peril.)


I took a little pause after posting daily during the campaign, and during the pause I’ve been reflecting on what I think about, and what I’d most like to share with you…

What I think about, most of the time, is my career. Sometimes I focus on the fun parts, sometimes it’s the business work (usually not as fun), sometimes it’s tangential bits, but let’s face it: being a professional musician is, as Kathleen Edwards says, “a 12-to-12-to-12 job”. It doesn’t leave time to pursue other interests.

What I’d like to share with you here most is a rounder view of my life than you’ll get from Facebook or Twitter. I try to be frank on those sites as well, but it’s tougher in those formats. It’s easy to highlight just the shiniest parts.

And yes! there are amazing experiences, trips to cool places, VIP moments, perhaps even occasional glory. I get to see far-flung friends and fans in person, which I love. Some days a fan tells me that something they heard from me moved them, or transformed their day. That makes my whole week.

Mostly, though, there’s a lot of uncertainty. I suspect some of the challenges I grapple with are ones you are grappling with as well. Work-life balance. What Next questions. How to handle discouragement, and comparison. How to feed my creative well, how to keep from¬† depletion, and, when I inevitably fail, what to do when it’s run dry.

So I’m going to try writing more about those thoughts.¬† We’ll see where it takes us.

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