Reason #1

Step into the TARDIS with me, won’t you, and let’s go back to September 25th, to the final moments of the crowdfunding campaign…. [cue music]

It was down to the wire! $860 to go! $640 to go! $410! $225! $115! $55! And then suddenly WHOOSH! we were over the wire, and into the Land of the Stretch Goals, as the participation continued through to the very last hour of the campaign.

The campaign closed at midnight Pacific time, with 82 funders and $6,755 raised.


I think that is absolutely astounding.  We did it together! Without hiring a crowdfunding expert, without having a staff of five dedicated to the cause (that’s apparently Indiegogo’s recommendation!), without a penny of marketing budget to spread the word.

It was just you and me, kid. (And those other kids.) THANK YOU. You are all amazing.

So here we are at the final reason:

Reason #1 to contribute to my crowdfunding campaign:

Because you already did*!


*What’s that? You say you didn’t? You still can! Visit the campaign page, pick a Perk, and use PayPal to send that Perk amount to (PayPal also accepts credit cards). I will include you on the Wall of Thanks and make sure you receive your Perk soon, just like the rest of the funders!




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