MissingPieceYou may be like, Wait: where’s January? I see a December newsletter, and then the next post is from February. Did nothing happen in Elainelandia for a whole month?

Oh, no, my friends. Au contraire! So much happened that I didn’t have time to stop and tell you about it. (I know! Not a bad problem to have, right?)

For one, I was kidnapped by pirates, escaped via a secret tunnel, and hitch-hiked my way through twelve continents until I could stow away to safety in the luggage hold of George Clooney’s private jet.

Also, I re-did my website. That was pretty time-consuming.

Oh, and I mostly finished laying down tracks for the new album! Which is, of course, the Big Story on Action News.

This one is literally just me; I play and sing everything on it, and I wrote it all, too. (So, you know. No pressure.) I’m not in it totally alone, though. Very fine musician-producer-type people are part of the project with me, and hurrah huzzah for them.

I must say: it’s both terrifying and wonderful to put together a collection which so closely represents my live show. It’s sort of like going out to some big public event without makeup on. It’s like: here I am, in my least adorned state. (Okay – not least. We’re not talking footie pajamas. But still.)

Anyhoo. That’s why I’ve been in a bit absent. But I’m back, and better than ever, and you’ll probably hear more from me now.

Unless Clooney calls. He was surprised to see me deplane, as you can imagine, but I think I detected a glimmer of interest. : )



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