Residency Results

I totally did it! Go me! Quite surprised to find myself on the other side of my week with a handful of new songs, and a wholly different experience of writing.

The place:

The building:

beautiful, no?

My work space:

Piano + makeshift recording studio. (Amazing acoustics!)

 The results:

And also, this happened:

So there you have it. I wrote 3 rounds and 4 songs – two for guitar, even,
which is hilarious since I don’t actually know how to play guitar (yet).

The writing part was really hard, at times, no joke… but I had so much fun presenting the Concert-and-Converstion afterwards that I wish I could go around residing artistically all the time. I love playing shows, but it was extra lovely to also talk about music, and answer audience questions.

More, I say! Please.  And thank you.  Now let’s all go eat cake.

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