Guess what? I performed this month at the Brooklyn Academy of Music!

One of BAM’s three venues is a very cool, pretty big cafe-style venue, with all the swagger of a club but the excellent sound of a place that takes music very seriously. (Can you say ‘union house’?)

BAM Interior

This is the place. Cool, right?

Got a wonderful surprise when two beloved, longtime fans I haven’t seen for a while (my ‘FLY’ girls!) showed up as a surprise. With a sign:


Annie, me, and Marie

I was the opening act for an amazing multi-genre show called SOULIFY. The show was me, a killer gospel act called Voices of Inspiration, a sensual belly-dance act (Amalia), and main act, pop singer Greta Larson.

Boy do I wish I had more photos! I need someone to follow me around documenting everything, don’t I?  (Any takers? : )

But you can tell it was a great night just from this:


The four graces, radiating happiness

All in all, great night at a great place! Would love to play there again. Here’s hoping the stars align in my favor.


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  1. Greta says:

    love this post too… ! you’re a great blogger (-:

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