NERFA 2012

I am too tired to explain coherently what it is like to attend the NorthEastern Regional Folk Alliance Conference (NERFA). Here is the incoherent summary.

Exhaustion. Music everywhere. Many, many people, some new. Lots of hugging, listening, smiling. Performing, collaborating, jamming, dancing. Trying to get attention from a few venue bookers amid a crush of excellent artists. Intense conversations (and some flirtations) in the hallways. Whiskey.

This is Saturday night around 5am, all work behind us, coming off a female-centered, sweet harmony jam that left everyone high:

Sisters are doing it for themselves


And this is even later (or earlier) that night/morning:

We party like it’s 1979

And this is shortly before bedtime:

Dawn breaking over musicianlandia

What else is there to say? Can’t think. Must sleep through the rest of the month.

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  1. Greta says:

    you rock!

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