Wending my way to (and from) West Virginia

“West Virgina, Mountain Mama, country rooooaaaaads,
take me hoooooommmme!”

On my tour to the midwest I got to play this super cool venue called The Purple Fiddle, nestled in the mountains of West Virginia.

Here I am with owner John Bright:

Me and John outside the venue.
(I know! Such a flattering photo of us both!)

The area around there is gorgeous, by the by. Windy roads, forested hills… it’s an Americana postcard.

I headed to Kentucky next, and get this: despite driving the length of the state, I *utterly* failed to purchase bourbon. Tragic!

But thanks to my gracious hostess, I had a drop or three in my breakfast coffee:

Cappuccino with extra love

AND I got to tour a folk art museum, where I encountered this gentleman:

Folk art junk dude

So it was a cool trip. Thumbs up, southern states!
Mighty glad to be making your acquaintances.

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