Ever been to a gym class? You know those stretches at the end, how some people can do the forward fold over split legs really easily, and other people can do the forward fold over crossed legs really easily, but almost no one can do both easily?

I think cooking is like that.

I think that primarily because I am not-so-bueno with following recipes. I want to be, I do! I start out with the best of intentions… but I seldom remember to shop with a specific recipe in mind, so I have to make substitutions. Plus there’s always something in the fridge that needs to be used up, before it goes bad. Plus I’m skeptical. And impatient.

So it is with great pride that I say I followed a recipe with (almost) no substitutions or approximations, and made something edible. Voilá!


It is a crustless spinach quiche. (I was in the mood.) It’s delicious! And it’s now going to be The Recipe, for when I need something repeatable, with known ingredients. I’ve found It. One and done! I mean, sure, if another one arises, grrrrreat. But one is more than none!

All hail the crustless quiche.
If you ever need a casserole brought to you, I hope you like eggs.

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