Halloween costumes that might have been

I missed Halloween this year, but I can tell you what I would NOT have been: sexy pizza.


I mean: come on.

Who thinks of these things? Does anyone find pizza sexy? Pizza is delicious and beloved by all right-thinking non-vegans (and only really available on the east coast  ((don’t start; you know it’s true))  )  — but SEXY? Not so much.

If I’d have been on top of this trend, I would have organized my friends to all go as a group of sexy something-ridiculous. Sexy spinach. Sexy dust bunnies. I would, of course, have been sexy garbage disposal.

On the scary costume front: I *almost* drove to D.C. for the sole purpose of trying to dress up as Obamacare, since it seems so truly frightening to so many congresspeople. (“Trick or treat, senator!”   “AAAAAAAAAH! RUN, children! RUN!”)  But that was a bridge too far.

So this year has come and gone. I think next year, unless I come up with something better, I’m sticking with my default: sexy woman-in-a-warm-coat-and-comfortable-shoes.

It’s a use-your-imagination costume. Those are the best.

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