When I’m not thinking about my career, I am often thinking about food.

strawberry cupcake

A recent exchange…

ME: You know what might be the ‘new black’?

Concerned Friend:  Orange is the new black. Everyone knows that.

ME:  No: strawberry frosting! YUMMMM!

CF: Every time I hear about you talk about frosting, I shake my head.

ME:  I do love frosting. It’s a deep, abiding love. We must have some cosmic connection from a previous life. Perhaps I used to be butter.

CF: I don’t believe you used to be butter.

ME: Can you believe anyone would believe ‘I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter’ is butter?

CF: I can.

ME: Heresy!

CF: Hearsay. People believe if they want to believe.

ME: I believe I could have been butter. Or batter. But butter is better.

CF: Oh brother.

ME: He’s our short stop*. : )


*for the uninitiated…

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