Life Without Plastic

Plastic! Get yer butt out here! I have a bone to pick with you.

I’m tired of plastic. Especially broken plastic.

Broken plastic things litter my house, and my conscience. Broken salt grinder, wounded hair clips, wrecked fasteners and closers and all manner of thingamabobs and doohickies. They’re everywhere.

Can I recycle them? Nyet.

And every time I go out, I end up with more plastic. Bags, cartons, bottles, take-out containers… in New York City it’s impossible to keep plastic at bay. And you know as well as I do that that’s where it ends up: in the bay. In the ground. In the water. In the food supply. (Plastic in my chocolate?! GASP! The horror!)

So I was VERY excited to find this site:

It’s not the be-all, end-all, that’s for sure, but dag nab it, I’m gonna get myself some non-plastic wares. And I’m hopeful that sooner rather than later, mushroom-based packing will replace the dread styrofoam. (Why, yes, there is a fungus among us! Read all about it here.)

I’m not saying plastic’s never done me no favors. I’m just saying: it’s way too pervasive. Can’t we dial it back? Plastic can have a place at the table, but does the dining room set have to be made of it?

I think not. Bring out the birch! Hand me some hemp! Dish out some dirt! Or whatever. Just… enough with the plastic everywhere. It’s one wee planet. There’s no actual ‘away’ (as in’ throw that broken plastic thing away’), so we really need a team approach here.

I realize this is part of a larger conversation about manufacturing and consumption and production cycles and consumerism and demand and AAAAAAUUUUUGH but I’m not going to let scope creep eat my rant.

Less plastic. That is all.



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