Guest Post: Caleb Hawley, Goals v. Dreams

My friend Caleb is an indie rock star. He packs venues in many cities (including here in NYC), tours relentlessly, and has national name recognition from singing his way onto American Idol a couplea seasons ago – without even showing off his virtuosic guitar playing. The man works his petushka off.

So it was interesting to hear his response to the What Are Your Dreams question. I’m re-posting his answer from his blog in full.

Today someone asked my what my dreams are… like my goals or something. Goals & dreams are so different. If you ask me, goals are achievable, but dreams are luck. You gotta fall asleep on the right night with the right things going through your head in some simultaneous combustion. That’s a dream. You can’t predict it. You can hardly remember it. You can hardly believe it.

Well anyway, my goal is to have 500 fans show up to a show in any given city countrywide. Right now I’ve got anywhere between 1 and 200. Those 200 shows are fun and those 1 shows aren’t but this is what I signed up for when I decided to chase this dream ten years back. My goal may be achievable with a high amount of luck… and maybe it’ll even sustain with a higher amount of luck. But when all said and done, let’s face it. Luck is it. Luck is the main ingredient in all of our dreams.

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