Christmas in New York City

My brilliant friend said: it’s Christmas! Let’s go downtown and look at the lights!

Which honestly did not occur to me, jaded New Yorker that I’ve become.

But we did, and it was so fun!

The only thing is, it turns out – and perhaps you photographers out there have been aware of this for some time? – it’s hard to take good low-light images with a phone camera. From a car. In the rain. So there are not many:

But I did also previously stop by the original Macy’s, in Herald Square, to check out the famed windows:

We would have tried to find some secularized shiny holiday things for other faiths, like a giant twinkling menorah, but Chanukah was already over, and Kwanzaa hadn’t begun. (And Christmas is nowhere near Ramadan, which, let’s face it, isn’t a ‘break out the sequins’ holiday in the first place.)

AAAAANYhoo… just thought those of you living Not Here might appreciate a glimpse of the city in its winter finery. From NYC, with love, to you and yours.
Merry Happy Whatever to you all.

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  1. Greta says:

    I like this post!

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