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Climbing the Capitol Dome

Thanks to my favorite brother* and his generous and knowledgeable colleague, I got to see the inner workings of the capitol, with a tour that included art, halls of power, and the coolest part for me, ascending to the top … Continue reading

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July Newsletter

Summer: it turns me upside down. Summer summer summer! (Sing it with me, now!) Aaaaaaaaaanyhoo… So, what’s happening with your summer? Vacationing? Working? Mine’s going swimmingly, thanks for asking. Should you desire more details, have a look inside: Read the … Continue reading

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Late Night Poetry: This is Just to Say

Well hello! I see you are also awake at this ungodly hour. (Too bad about that. Warm milk, maybe?) As you know by now — or you are discovering as we speak — we have a recurring feature here at … Continue reading

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A fertile imagination

Ballard Street is my favorite single panel cartoon. (Yes, I have cartoon favorites by type. What: you don’t?) Whatever cartoonist Jerry Van Amerongen is on, I hope he keeps taking it. He’s zany in the most delightfully offbeat way. For … Continue reading

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