What’s with all the food, Elaine?

Listen: I do think about things besides food (and music.) Some things. Sometimes.

But also, in my very first, extremely burger-centric post, I promised deliciousness for the non-animal-eating crowd. So here you go:

vegan salad (spinach, mushrooms, avocado, balsamic vinegar)

and for the vegetarians, a fete of feta…

Wilted spinach, feta, sauteed scallions, dill, olive oil. And the merest dusting of cocaine. (I assume that’s what makes it taste so good.)

I eat omnivorously, but I cook mostly vegetarian-ily. The reason is simple: guilt.

Unless I know I will cook meat that very night, I won’t buy it. I feel bad enough if veggies go to waste, and between my schedule and my cooking style (let’s call it ‘spontaneous’ rather than ‘chaotic’) I’m not at the stove every night like clockwork.

So you may see more photos like these.

And also photos of chocolate.

And perhaps something about world peace, or books. Fashion? Something besides food.



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