Childhood candy

Continuing the Memorial Day food-a-thon, here is my favorite candy from my childhood:

The Majestic Cherry Mash

(No actual cherries were harmed in the making of this candy.)

I think it was my favorite because it was scarce; as I recall, we could only find it in the town where my grandmother lived, three hours away.

So it was a special treat to espy it on the food-a-thon trip, in a wee little town in Nebraska, where my great-aunt once taught piano.

There has even been innovation! Look — two sizes!

The Majestic Mash and its Mini Me

And sugar addicts: behold the delicious interior…

Needless to say, I bought the store’s entire supply,¬†enough to share with all my friends… but – tragically! – ¬†they got smashed in transit.

And one cannot give out smashed candy as a gift! The horror!

No. One must dispose of it oneself. It’s the honorable thing to do.



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