Had the most marvelous time at SERFA (SouthEastern Regional Folk Alliance music conference). Sang, ate, danced, played, showcased officially (wah wah WAH), even caught up on sleep… the first night.

But after that I reverted to form, and sang my lungs out, had amazing intense conversations in every corner, learned things, taught things, talked into the wee hours, got no sleep… As you do.

So I rarely do this, but I’m tiiiiiiiiiiiiiired.  Tiered levels of tired.  I’m  gonna re-post here a post I first put on the Book of Face. Forgive me, Beautiful People!

Photos, sort-of SERFA-related: got to join in Brad Cole‘s gig at The Bywater in Asheville the day after the conference, along with guitar god/singer-songwriter Brian Ashley Jones and top shelf soundman/bassist Coop (Rick Cooper). (Thanks, Brad! That was *so* fun!) Many wonderful SERFA-ites were there, including Josh Harty, Avery D. Hill, and amazing conference organizer Betty Friedrichsen, who is to thank for the photo of me. (Who’m I missing?) The Bywater is great! Seats *right* by the river, bean bag tossing, hot dogs, local beer… chill and delightful place to hang.

Congrats to its soccer team, btw. They just won a tournament. : )


Plus one bonus Actual SERFA Photo, of me on stage performing at my official showcase. (Pardon the weird expression on my face. But: pretty dress, right?)


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