Chatting Lively and Locally with Kevin and Co.

Thanks to my new friend Jeff Z (not Jay-Z; that’d be super cool but quite surprising) I was interviewed on an excellent radio show called Live and Local, hosted by Kevin Kelly, which originates out of WILL-FM in Urbana, IL (and I believe is syndicated to other places, too).

It’s so inspiring to watch someone do something well, with ease, isn’t it? DJ Kelly was so smooth (like buttah!), managing our – mostly my – rambling ruminations with consummate skill and keeping the show flowing and well-paced, down to the last second, quite literally. That’s gotta be tougher than he made it look.

It was me, a duo called the Flower Jax (lovely people, fun music), and Kevin, plus a handful of guests in the studio, most welcome for a live performance addict like myself.

Here are a few shots of the day…

Radio’s funny – you’re singing into a microphone that’s not amplifying you, in a purposefully dead room, and if there’s an audience, often it’s trying hard to keep quiet. Definitely not the same energy exchange experience as during a gig. (I can talk about energy. I lived in San Francisco.)

So it can be odd, but this one was fun! You can judge for yourself — will post the whole interview to my website. It’s an hour, so it’s ideal for frequent travelers. Download or stream it, and voila, there I’ll be, chatting and singing. It’ll be be a lot like having me there with you in the car, minus the food wrappers and ‘are we there yet?’.  It’s a virtual road trip! Looking forward to it.

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