About once a year, I make it to a Broadway show. This year (thanks to my brother) it was the musical Once (based on the movie Once).


It was terrific. It was also oddly like watching a scene from my own life, full of musical jams, moments of doubt,  relationships and recording sessions that start off rocky but miraculously right themselves.

The singing and playing is great throughout, but my favorite moment is one in which the instruments are put down, and the whole cast sings an a cappella version of a song we heard earlier in the show (‘Gold‘).

Nothing happens on the stage; they sit and sing, we sit and listen.  It’s gorgeous.

You may think you don’t know what the heck Once is, but I bet you do. The famous song you probably know (despite not knowing you know it) is Falling Slowly. Have a listen.

Yes. It *is* beautiful. You’re welcome.

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