Quick happy note:

Remember, you who have read the second-ever post on this blog, the story about my favorite childhood candy?

Well, recently I had the pleasure of spending time with parents of dear childhood friends. Now, growing up they didn’t know about my attachment to that most excellent candy, the Cherry Mash. But they’d heard tell from their kids recently.

And they live in the area where the Cherry Mash grows wild and abundantly.

So guess what they brought me? An ENTIRE BAG OF CHERRY MASH’s! I know!

Which came in this:

Which henceforth shall be called, The Churkey.

I suspect The Churkey is magical, and re-fills endlessly with Cherry Mash’s. I haven’t quite tested the theory yet – I suppose Step One is to offer a Cherry Mash to each local-dwelling friend and see what happens.

I’ll get right on that. Starting next week.

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