ChapstickI skipped a day, and I liked it
The taste of her cherry Chap Stick

It felt so wrong
it felt so right

(It falls apart a little in the middle, but you get the drift. : )

 I plumb forgot for a night that I was running a crowdfunding campaign. But I am!

And it is only $5 away from $3800!  Which is itself quite a ways away from the $6,500 goal, BUT which is nonetheless enough to pay for 1,000 CDs to be pressed AND still buy a new guitar. Which are both screaming priorities.

SO! Belatedly, here is reason #16 to support my crowdfunding campaign:

Because, as much as you enjoy frothy pop, you also want there to be other kinds of songs in the world. Written by someone other than Max Martin. Someone like me!  : )

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