Power of 2

Words, words words.
Love ’em! Totally delicious. Words are food, words are friends.

But I’ve met my share of Number huggers, who feel the same way about digits as I do about words, and I’ve learned a thing or two.

For instance: 32 is a power of 2. As of last night we had 32 contributors—and lookit! today we are at reason 32.

For me, in addition to a cool coincidence, there is an apt metaphor in there.

Because when this campaign started, we were 2; me, and my dear friend Greta (who shot the campaign video), hoping that what we launched would gain traction.

And then you all jumped in, all 32* of you, and suddenly what was small is great. We are two weeks in (another 2!) and more than halfway to the goal.

Reason #32 to support my crowdfunding campaign:

To exercise your power of 2.


*33 as of not long ago!

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