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    Solo and Choral Compositions

Elaine's sacred music flows from the intersectional community for which she writes as Composer-In-Residence of the Church of St. Matthew & St. Timothy on the UWS in New York City.

Works with the symbol are also appropriate for temples.
Works with the Δ symbol can be requested in another key. Email the song name and key request.

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Each download is licensed to a specific person or group. It is not lawful to share physically or digitally with other persons or entities.

For choral works and service sets, purchase 1 download per 5 people in your group. (For instance, for a group of 18, purchase 4 copies of the choral work you desire.)

Please honor the considerable time, expertise, and financial commitment it takes to write and record choral works, and purchase licenses accordingly.

NOTE: Elaine is a One License affiliated composer. All works can be reported to One License using Publisher Number: P-650281.

Price list:
Type  Cost     Included Copies     Replacement Copies  
Solo Work  $5  2 prints per .pdf  2 future replacement prints  
Choral Work  $10  5 prints per .pdf  5 future replacement prints  
Service Music Set  $15  5 prints per .pdf  5 future replacement prints  

    Title (hear score) Parts   LanguageInstruments   Level  Occasion Buy Score
     Blessing Song SSAAEnglisha cappellapro/am wedding, graduation  
     Blessing Song SATBEnglisha cappellapro/am wedding, graduation
    Out of the DepthsSATBEnglishorganproLent
        The Walk* SATBEng., Latin  organpro/am  Advent, Lent
    *The Walk is sold as a set of two nearly identical pieces; one tells the story of Mary's census walk, the other of Jesus' calvary walk. It enables a director to teach one piece and use it in two seasons.


    SERVICE MUSIC SETS (Catholic, Episcopalian, full communion Lutheran):

    Title (hear score) Parts   Language Instruments   LevelFeel Buy Score
    Service of InclusionSATBEnglish only   piano, opt. guitar pro/am  gospel
    Servicio de InclusiónSATBSpanish/Eng.   piano, opt. guitarpro/am  gospel
    Lenten Service Set SATBSpanish/Eng. pianopro/amLatin rhythm    


    Title (hear score) Parts   Language Instruments   LevelOccasionBuy Score
    Δ One Small DropsoloEnglisha cappellaallactivism 
    Δ One Small DropSATEnglishtrio a cappella   allactivism 
       Rest in PowerSATBSpanish/Eng. piano, opt. guitar  allhealing
       Set Me As a SealSABEnglishpiano, opt. guitar all   wedding, funeral
    Δ ShinesoloEnglishpiano, opt. guitarallencouragement  
    Δ Weep NotsoloEnglisha cappellaallfuneral