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Wall of Thanks

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Crowdfunding Campaign Contributors

Enormous thanks to all the Beautiful People who are helping to launch Elaine's new album!

You've come to shows, housed me on tour, spread the word, hosted house concerts, and contributed materially to every aspect of this project. Truly it is a team effort. I am so honored. Go team!

Special thanks to multi-disciplinary artist and campaign chair Greta Larson for her strategic and logistical assistance, and her expert video shooting, directing, and editing.

Finally: undying gratitude to all these wonderful participants in the Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign:

Tricia Alcamo
Andy Anderson
Jim Ardito
Hal Bouma
Tracy Brien
Shaun & Caroline Browne
David Bryan
Benjamin Bryant
Grace Chang
Susan Clelland
Rosanne Cowen
Judy Dunworth
Michel Faliero
Alessio Filippi
Simon Gibbons
David Glasgow
Allison Goodwin
Monica Romig Green
Ken and Judy Gorsuch
George Grier
Mark Hager & Richard Newton
Rich & Sue Hanson
Flemming Heino
Vera Hough
Phillip Jackman
Sarah Jebian

Carolynn Johnson
Susan Kane
Judy Kass
Hervé Kieffel
Debbie King
Heidi Klauser
Carl Knobloch
Carol Kornfield & Chris Lorenzen
Emily Kunhardt
Julia Lam
Cappy and Robert Larson
Greta Larson
Bob and Oe Leamon
Ira and Julia Levin
Kristen McIntire
Scott Manson
Richard Mason
Alice and Tom Mindrum
Chris Mindrum
Eric Mindrum
Marion Morgan
Robert & Michelle Nickel
Nejat Ozsu
Beth Perry
Matt Potter
Ben Rabb

Sue Ray
Teri Robinson
David Rodwin
Carla Roland
Eileen Foley Romanelli
Philip Romanelli
Robin and Tom Romeo
Taylor Romigh
Jennifer Schnabe
Preetam Shingavi
Amanda Sidebottom
Jonathan Smucker
Jennifer Plazkre Snyder
Mary Sprague & Mark Rose
Mona Stallard
Will Stallard
Maureen Sullivan
Dan Tappan
Victoria Theodore
Cary Tucker
Deborah Underwood
Mark Westin
Linda Weis
Michelle Weiss
Carina York
Kathy Zonana


Praise for the new album:

There is a quiet elegance to Elaine Romanelli's music, a thoughtfulness and intelligence that complements and underscores the stark beauty of her lyrics and melodies.

Her vocal and instrumental work are deceptively simple; there is, in fact, great power and dramatic tension in the understatement and nuance with which she writes and performs. Her themes are often quirky, her points of view unexpected, even startling, but always intellectually involving and emotionally moving.

It is surely no coincidence that one of the songs on Elaine's wonderful new album is titled "Shine". Shine she does indeed, and beautifully so."
         -Legendary songwriter and activist SI KAHN